It all started in November 2019 when I bought my first Prusa Mk3s. A 3D printer was something I wanted when first hearing about them back in 2016. As soon as I received it, I was blown away by the endless amounts of possibilities that came with it. As we all know, 3D printing something can take a LONG time. After hours of staring at a blank frame and always having the urge to etch things with my laser, I decided to take the printer apart/design something fun to etch onto it. This is when the pattern "Circuitry" was created for the Original Prusa Frame. As time passed on, I grew a need for more 3D printers and decided I would build some Prusas with Bear frames this time instead. I knew right away that I would be etching it. This is when the patterns "Molecular-Hex" and "Damascus" came about. As photos of my builds spread throughout the community, many people began asking me how they could get this done as well. Finally, in January 2021, Sacr3D Etching was born! Since opening up our services for Prusa/Bear Frames, we have expanded our services to Voron Frames, ACM Panels, and Acrylic Panels. Sacr3D Etching is solely ran by myself (Taylor Goetz). I take a lot of pride in my work and pour my heart and soul into this everyday. My hands are the only ones that will be etching your frame. You can rest assured that if I am not happy with the quality of work, you'll never see it. Only LDO frames will be provided if you choose to order through me. If you have something you would like etched but it is not a product on the site. Please email me some details and I will put together a free quote for you.