• 3D Printer Extrusion Etching

    Laser etched bear frame kits
Laser etched bear frame kits

3D Printer Extrusion Etching

Welcome to Sacr3D!

Where we specialize in laser etching 3D printer aluminum extrusion frames. We can do any brand and any sized extrusion up to 36” long. 2040, 3030, 3060, 4040 no problem.

Powder Coated Aluminum frames like the Prusas can also be done.

If you want to send in your existing frame. Or have something else you'd like laser etched, Please hit the button below.


Want a non-etched frame?

ALL3D Makers

Quality Filaments Made in the USA

There are many filament brands out there so it can be hard to choose. Filaments from these manufactures have personally been tested and proven to be top quality roll after roll GreenGate3D Printed Solid Atomic Filament

Prusa i3 Bear 2.1 Frame Upgrade

All Credit for Creating the Bear upgrade goes to Gregoire Saunier. All information regarding the Bear upgrade can be found on his Github.

Gregsaun github

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